Sporting Bet Stadium / Penrith Panthers – April 2014

The Grandstand signage consists of a 8.5metre wide and 6.5metre tall Panther and text to the top of a 20metre high stadium with only one centre “I” beam as the main brace and support was the biggest challenge. An engineered frame to with stand high winds was constructed and then piece by piece installed on the roof. The Western Entry signage ‘Panther and text’ is fabricated from Acrylic. The panther is face and side illuminated and the text is halo illuminated. A frame was manufactured and lined with corrugated iron. The panther was digitally printed and applied to the opal acrylic shape. The “Sporting Bet” text is 100mm deep fabricated aluminium.

We thank PC Signage whom was awarded the contract. ComCut Group was the primary contractor.