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Light Boxes / LED Signs

Comcut Group are specialists in the manufacture of custom made light boxes. Suitable for internal and external use, our light boxes are manufactured in Australia to the highest quality and standards. An illuminated light box is an enclosed frame equipped with internal lighting and is usually constructed of aluminium. Panels can be made from acrylic, polycarbonate or a flex face banner allowing graphics to be illuminated. As our light boxes are custom made, we can manufacture to whatever size is required or your budget allows.

Illuminated light boxes create a sign that will work for you day and night. 3D lettering can be added to create a professional image. Illuminating your sign with the latest technology by using LEDs will save you money on your energy costs. LED light box displays use less power than traditional illuminated displays. LEDs also last longer, again saving on maintenance costs due to the replacement of fluorescent tubes. LEDs also do not leak toxic gases, making them have a much more positive impact on our environment.


There is no doubt that LED signage is now the preferred illumination for advertising. In fact, many councils and shopping centres will insist upon LEDs in an effort to reduce power costs. LEDs can be used to illuminate fabricated letters, light boxes or a changeable message board.

At Comcut Group we use high quality LED modules and power supplies with all our illuminated LED signs. Using quality LEDs makes all the difference in brightness and longevity.

Comcut Group will work with you to come up with a suitable design and price and we can deliver and install Australia wide.

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