Helpful info to consider when assessing your signage needs…

1) Do you require your signage to be temporary or will it be permanent?
This can alter the cost significantly.

2) Your budget is another consideration.
ComCut will design, manufacture and install your signage using quality materials and methods available in a cost effective way.

3) The materials to be used and manufacturing methods for your signage are important factors to consider.
Choosing durable cost effective materials such as acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, 2 Pac painting, vinyl, alupanel etc will give you signage that will last for years to come.

4) The signs you require need to reflect the nature of your business.
e.g. illuminated, 3D signs,point of sale displays, vehicle signage and full digital print displays. Choosing the correct style of sign will characterise your business and give you the edge over your competitors.

5) Is your sign internal or external?
Certain materials are required for external use.

6) What size sign do you require?
Is it tall and narrow or long and thin? Use the space allowed to provide the best possible visual communication possible.

7) What is the distance the signage is to be viewed from?
The most effective sign has only a few good contrasting colours including the essential information required. Less is best in most cases, so choose colours carefully.

8) Illumination is another option to consider.
At night your signage will be visible for all to see or for a reception area creating halo or shadow effects giving that professional look.

9) The Design of your signage is also very important.
Our graphic designers can assist you with your artwork to create a professional look to suit your needs and budget.

10) Always remember that first impressions count.