Our engraving department can engrave your smallest detail from 1mm high all the way up to large detailed signs 6m long. Materials such as timber, aluminium, stainless steel, Traffolyte and brass are easily machined, your signage will stand the test of time, adding a touch of class and a mark of quality.

Laser and Rotary engraving are the two main types of engraving methods used, and Comcut Group offer both these services to produce high quality custom engraved applications.

Laser engraving has many advantages. It gives your product a crisp, clean and accurate finish. Laser engraving can be used to engrave a variety of materials and products such as anodised aluminium, traffolyte and plastics, coated metals, glass and timber. Laser engraving is ideal for identification plates, compliance plates and engraved tags.



Rotary engraving has many advantages as well and can be used to engrave all kinds of materials. It is capable of making deep cuts into materials from plastic to stainless steel. Rotary engraving creates a beautiful engraved look and feel that you can actually feel with your fingertips. Once engraved there are different finishes from leaving the material raw or paint filling with different colours. We can even insert different materials inside the engraved shape creating a unique finish.

The experienced team at Comcut Group will manufacture and deliver your signage Australia wide. Our engraving service can be used for any engraving application. Our aim at Comcut is to provide quality products with premium service.

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Our expertly trained staff can machine most materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, Timber, Aluminium and Mild Steel just to name a few.

Corporate Signs

Your name says it all. It is your brand and your reputation. We design, manufacture and install signage with a corporate style using 3D Lettering and Logos with the option of the signage being Illuminated or Non-Illuminated.

Directory Signs

Find where you are going with our stylish custom made directory boards available in timber, acrylic, aluminium and stainless steel.

Profile Cutting

At Comcut Group we offer a professional profile cutting service. We have the capability to machine most materials from basic shapes to complicated graphics such as 3D raised signs.